• Half Day Inshore ($550 Local/$650 Block Island and extended range)

Half day inshore trips run approximately 5 hours and target whatever specie/s are in season. Due to obvious time constraints these trips are usually mission specific and set for the exclusive pursuit of striped bass/bluefish, fluke, false albacore or bottom fish (i.e. blackfish and sea bass/porgies). Should the bite for our intended quarry be fast and furious, half day trips can be parlayed into a mixed bag combo if the customers desire. Bloodline Sportfishing is always prepared for such an event.


  • Full Day Inshore ($800 Local/$900 Block Island and extended range

Full day inshore trips generally run 8 hours and are perfectly suited for those seeking a true mixed bag fishing experience. With ample time on the clock we can effectively target multiple species and comfortably push farther on extended range outings when it benefits us. Pick your poison: striped bass, bluefish, fluke, sea bass, porgies, blackfish, cod, ling, false albacore, etc. We’ll gladly target any combination of species in season to ensure you’ll take home as many fond memories and tasty fillets as possible.


  •  Night Striped Bass ($550 Local/$650 Block Island)

Night striped bass trips (5hrs) are by far and away the most popular charters Bloodline Sportfishing offers year after year and something that’s uniquely ‘Montauk’. Capt. Joe has earned a serious reputation for consistently producing impressive numbers of cow stripers and there is no better time to fish with him than under the cover of darkness. Big bass are more apt to densely school and feed voraciously when the sun goes down for a variety of factors. Boat traffic dissipates substantially as do shadows cast down from the surface that would normally spook wary, well-educated trophy fish. Furthermore, striped bass are ambush predators and gain a major advantage over their prey in low light conditions. When booking a night bass trip, bear in mind that diehard striper addicts gravitate toward dates surrounding the full and new moon phases. This usually consists of a window encompassing the 4 days before and after either moon when tides are strongest. Swift current disorients hapless baitfish and squid and funnels them into feeding lanes where lurking bass lay in wait. These nights conventionally fill up fasted but don’t be discouraged from booking dates off the moons. So long as a reasonable drift speed can be achieved to present live baits effectively, the Bloodline can and will produce stripers.

 As with all our trips, Bloodline Sportfishing determines departure time and fishing location on a rotating basis as a means to cash in on the best bite possible for our clients. When it comes to night bass trips, this might mean sailing at sunset, midnight, predawn into sunrise, or anything in between. It could also see us situated close to home in the local rips, or further away on Block Island’s Southwest Ledge. Capt. Joe will do his best to work with your schedule to secure suitable bookings but if he’s insistent with certain dates and time slots take his word for it and make yourself available. Bass won’t bite on command, they eat when they want to eat and Capt. Joe has a firm grasp on when and where that will occur.


  • Blackfish Special ($650)

When blackfish are in season, true tog addicts find it hard to focus on anything else. It is for this reason Bloodline Sportfishing offers blackfish specific trips for devout toggers during the months of April and October through December. Dedicated blackfish charters run 5hrs like a conventional half day trip and include a full menu of the finest baits seasonally available (green, white, and hermit crabs). Bloodline Snafu rigs, lead and tackle are all included as part of the advertised rate. Should you choose to bring your own gear be sure to consult with Capt. Joe ahead of time as to what would be best for your selected date. The dynamic blackfish waters surrounding Montauk offer an array of challenges where just one rod and reel won’t always cut it. Depending upon the depth and conditions we’re fishing in, we might be using bait rigs with sinkers ranging from 6 to 16 ounces or jigs weighing ½ to 4 ounces.  

  • Shark ($700 Half Day/ $1000 Full Day)

Thanks to the Bloodline’s speed and the fortunate availability of sharks in relative close range to Montauk, we are able to offer more than one standardized option for targeting these apex predators. Unlike most charter boats, Bloodline Sportfishing affords customers the choice of choosing between half and full day shark trips. During the dead of summer and early fall when water temperatures are at their warmest, a wide variety of shark species can be found in under 10 miles from the beach ranging from the familiar blues, makos and threshers up to more exotic hammerheads, tigers, sandbars* and duskies*. Occasionally we’ll encounter juvenile great whites* as well. This is the ideal window when 5hr half day trips are most feasible. The majority of the time, however, Bloodline Sportfishing recommends booking a full day (up to 10hrs) outing if you’re serious about sharking; especially if you’re hoping to bring back a keeper mako or thresher for the table. Full day trips afford us the luxury of running wherever we need to locate the ‘sharkiest’ conditions possible. After all, the ideal sea surface temperatures, water clarity, and presence of bait isn’t always a hop, skip and a jump from the dock. Full days also allow for longer drifts and extended chum dispersion which gives us a better shot at repeated hookups and thus increased odds battling a trophy or grill worthy fish. (Species listed with asterisk * are federally protected and illegal to retain)

  •  Inshore/Offshore Marathon ($1,250)

Marathon trips aboard the Bloodline offer the ultimate Montauk fishing adventure for anglers who truly want to experience it all. Running no less than 12 hours, these expeditions supply a well-rounded inshore and offshore sampling of anything and everything in season. Start your day offshore scanning the horizon for signs of feeding bluefin tuna at dawn, pot hop for mahi, set up a shark slick through lunch, make a few drops for deep dwelling summer cod and ling, zip inshore and drift for fluke and sea bass, then finish up feeding eels to some cow bass…the possibilities are endless and limited only to your imagination and prevailing sea conditions.

 Given the extreme nature of these trips, special considerations must be made to allow for adequate preparation and to ensure customers get what they pay for.  We ask that reservations be made no less than three days in advance of your desired date. A 50% deposit is required for bookings made one week or less prior to a trip and are nonrefundable unless a cancellation should be made by the captain himself. A deposit of 25% is asked for reservations made more than a week in advance and are fully refundable for any reason with 72hrs minimum notice. If you wish, any cancelled trip/s may be rescheduled with your original deposit. We urge anyone booking a marathon charter to have flexibility and keep some alternate dates free in their personal schedules. Extended days require as near to perfect weather as possible for maximum enjoyment and duration. One can’t always rely on mother nature to be accommodating of their first choice.        


  • Coxes Ledge Summer Cod ($1100)

If you’re a fan of codfish but hate suffering at the rail through winter cold, a summer trip to Coxes Ledge is just the ticket. These structure laden, fish rich waters are located approximately 35 miles east of Montauk Point between Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard. Even amid the balmy summer doldrums it is possible to score extremely well with cod, pollock, and sea bass in this historic honey hole. It is not uncommon to encounter bluefin tuna and trophy sharks here as well. These trips run a little bit longer than a conventional full day Block Island trips (up to 10hrs) to account for the long range travel. They are also highly subject to weather as a result. With that being said, Coxes Ledge trips are often prone to last minute cancellations and rescheduling so be prepared for some flexibility when booking.