Q) What is required to book?

A) Once you have determined the date of your desired trip, a deposit is needed to lock it in a reservation. Trips booked in excess of a week in advance from the intended date require a minimum 25% deposit that can be made via credit card, check or money order. Reservations made one week or less prior to a trip require a 50% deposit payable by credit card only. All credit card deposits and payments are subject to a small processing surcharge.


Q) What is Bloodline’s cancellation policy?

A)  Bloodline Sportfishing understands that “life happens” and occasionally customers are forced to cancel trips for personal reasons. We are, however, a business and have rules in place for when these situations arise. Should you need to cancel, we politely implore that you do so promptly for your benefit as well as ours. This will allow us the ability to better reschedule your group for an alternate date (should that be desired), and hopefully fill the vacated time slot with a different charter group. Charters cancelled 48hrs or more prior to scheduled departure are eligible for a full refund. Regardless of circumstances, charters cancelled less than a full two days in advance will forfeit their deposit. Fortunately, we are happy to apply the deposit funds to another date. Cancellations made by the captain due to hazardous weather or mechanical breakdown are obviously beyond the customers’ control and eligible for a full refund regardless of timing.


Q) Is there a discount for groups less than 4 people?

A) No there isn’t. The advertised rates are firm regardless of whether you’re an individual or a full group. Should your group be under the four-person maximum, you are more than welcome to enlist the captain’s help to find additional passengers (should that be your desire). However, there is no guarantee Bloodline Sportfishing will be able to furnish you with a full group; it is not our responsibility. When a charter reservation is made with a valid deposit, there is a binding agreement that the booking group is liable for payment of the full remaining balance on the day of their trip.


Q) What happens if the seas are rough?

A) Bloodline Sportfishing always makes customer safety a priority and will never sail in outwardly hazardous conditions. However, be advised that there is a significant difference between “hazardous conditions” and the ocean simply being a little rough and choppy.  It is up to the customer to know their personal limitations and determine if the prevailing sea conditions will elicit motion sickness or exacerbate pre-existing injuries/medical conditions. If such things pose a concern, please be forthright and consult with Capt. Joe in the days leading up to your trip. He’ll be able to advise you on what to expect and reschedule trips when necessary. The standard cancellation policy will apply (see above). Once a charter leaves the dock, it will be treated as a full trip. Unless the captain himself deems conditions dangerous or unfishable while at sea, the charter group is subject to pay the full rate regardless of whether or not they ask to go in early.


Q) Are kids permitted?

A) Absolutely! There is nothing better than introducing kids to fishing and encouraging their interest. However, as with all forms of outdoor recreation, special consideration must be made when youngsters are present. Please let Capt. Joe know if you plan on bringing children and how old they are when you book your trip. This will allow him to assess what sea conditions and types of fishing should suit them best. He’ll also have a heads up to ensure the correct size PFDs (i.e. life jackets) are aboard at the time of your trip.

Q) Does the boat have a head (i.e. bathroom)?

A) At this time there is no enclosed fixed head aboard the Bloodline. However, Westlake Marina has wonderful facilities and we advise customers to relieve themselves prior to departing on a trip. If you foresee bathroom needs being a dire concern leading up to a trip, please give us adequate notice and we’ll arrange for a small porta-potty to be brought along.


 Q) What should I wear?

A) First and foremost, do not wear shoes with marking soles. Dark rubber streaks are unsightly and time consuming to remove from white gelcoat so please be courteous. Non-marking deck boot are recommended to keep one’s feet dry and toes protected. Secondly, the Bloodline is a center console. While the wheelhouse offers some shelter, charter customers will be exposed to the elements most of their trip. On warm, fair weather days, many can get away with street or beach clothes. However, foul weather gear consisting of bibs and a jacket will guarantee protection from salt spray and rain. Be sure to bring gloves and layer up on those cold early and late season days for maximum comfort. Remember, it’s better to wear too much than too little. You can always strip off layers but you can’t put on what’s not there should you find yourself getting chilly.


Q) What gear should I bring?

A) Bloodline Sportfishing provides nothing but the best equipment available for our customers. We have a full lineup of Accurate and Van Staal reels, rods by Phenix and Centaur, and all the hand-tied rigs, jigs and lures you’ll ever need on a given trip. We do, however, understand that many of our experienced clients prefer their own rods and reels, and often come armed with tackle bags full of jig, plugs and terminal tackle. If you have any intention of bringing your own gear, please consult with Capt. Joe first. He’ll advise you on what makes sense to take along and what might be overkill or inadequate. Also, bear in mind that a boat has a finite amount of storage and deck space. Be conservative in what you bring so that you’re not encumbering the other members of your party or captain.

Q) Can I bring a cooler?

A) It really isn’t necessary to bring a cooler aboard the Bloodline. Our in-deck fish hold is always filled with ice and has ample room to stow your catch and keep drinks cold. If you must bring a cooler for your beverages and food, please keep it as small as possible. Nobody wants to spend a trip dancing around and tripping over a big ice chest when the fishing is hot. Not only is it annoying but it’s also a safety hazard.

Q) What’s Bloodline Sportfishing’s policy on alcohol?

A) Plenty of recreational fishermen like to enjoy a few beers at sea and Bloodline Sportfishing has no problem with that. However, this leniency does not give customers carte blanche to act like drunken buffoons. We politely ask that charter customers bring no more than three beers per person during their trip and leave the hard liquor at home. Once we return to land you’re welcome to imbibe all you want. Private charters aren’t cheap and you pay to fish, not go on a booze cruise. Should a charter group become drunk and disorderly while at sea, the captain reserves full authority to prematurely terminate a trip. This is for his safety as well as the group’s. And as far as drugs are concerned, none are permitted aboard the Bloodline as per the Coast Guard’s zero tolerance policy.