Night Striped bass

Montauk cow bass until sunrise



($550 Local/$650 Block Island)

Night striped bass trips (5hrs) are by far and away the most popular charters Bloodline Sportfishing offers year after year and something that’s uniquely ‘Montauk’. Capt. Joe has earned a serious reputation for consistently producing impressive numbers of cow stripers and there is no better time to fish with him than under the cover of darkness.

  • Big bass are more apt to densely school and feed voraciously when the sun goes down for a variety of factors. Boat traffic dissipates substantially as do shadows cast down from the surface that would normally spook wary, well-educated trophy fish. Furthermore, striped bass are ambush predators and gain a major advantage over their prey in low light conditions.

  • When booking a night bass trip, bear in mind that diehard striper addicts gravitate toward dates surrounding the full and new moon phases. This usually consists of a window encompassing the 4 days before and after either moon when tides are strongest. Swift current disorients hapless baitfish and squid and funnels them into feeding lanes where lurking bass lay in wait. These nights conventionally fill up fasted but don’t be discouraged from booking dates off the moons. So long as a reasonable drift speed can be achieved to present live baits effectively, the Bloodline can and will produce stripers.

  • As with all our trips, Bloodline Sportfishing determines departure time and fishing location on a rotating basis as a means to cash in on the best bite possible for our clients. When it comes to night bass trips, this might mean sailing at sunset, midnight, predawn into sunrise, or anything in between. It could also see us situated close to home in the local rips, or further away on Block Island’s Southwest Ledge. Capt. Joe will do his best to work with your schedule to secure suitable bookings but if he’s insistent with certain dates and time slots take his word for it and make yourself available. Bass won’t bite on command, they eat when they want to eat and Capt. Joe has a firm grasp on when and where that will occur.